There are lots of kitchen organization products on the market, from pull-out cabinet drawers, to canisters, to shelving—but what should you buy? The answer depends on several factors.

Kitchen organization products

Don’t buy what you don’t need!

Before you buy something to help organize your kitchen, ask yourself these questions:

How much will you really use it? If you have a dishwasher, do you need an over-the-sink drying rack? If you dine out more often than you cook, do you need a hanging pot rack? There are lots of fad gadgets that serve a very specific purpose—and if it takes up more space than it saves, it’s not worth your money! 

Does it make it easier to get things? Slide-out drawers can be a great solution for deep cabinets, letting you easily get to items at the back. Storage racks and stacking shelves can also help you access kitchen items better, unless you have so many racks and shelves that they become part of the clutter!

Does it solve a persistent problem? Kitchen organization products are marketed to solve problems, but sometimes those problems aren’t worth solving! If you’ve been struggling to reach items in the back of your pantry since you moved in a year ago, check out those slide-out drawers. But if the problem a gadget solves only comes up once a year, is it worth having? Make sure you’re buying organizational tools for persistent problems, otherwise the gadgets can overwhelm and create their own problems.

Investing in the right kitchen organization products can minimize clutter and solve problems, and if you ask yourself these questions, you’ll have a much better idea of what to buy, and where to save your money.