Organize your fridge intro

Group like things together

If you keep all your dairy together, all your vegetables together, your condiments, bread, and so on, you’ll be able to see at a glance how much of what type of food you have. It’ll also be easier for everyone to put things back when each kind of food has a designated area, so you can organize your fridge as you go. Use drawers, shelves, and tubs to group like items together.

Use appropriate containers

If you only have a small amount left over after dinner, be sure to use a container that’s just big enough to fit it. If you store things in appropriately-sized containers, you will save space in your fridge. Clear containers are great for seeing what’s inside, and labels help too. You can label individual containers, or sections of your fridge.

Review before your weekly shop

Organize your fridge: groceries

If you grocery shop once a week, by the time you’re ready to shop again, your fridge should be nearly empty. That’s a great time to go over what you have left, which avoids buying more of something you already have.

Check expiration dates, removing anything that’s too old. It’s a great opportunity to clean, too!

If you keep categories together, use appropriate containers, and check before you shop, you’ll be able to organize your fridge, so it gets clean and stays clean.

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