Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings. Trees have new growth, flowers blossom, and babies are born. It’s a time of year when everything feels invigorating, it’s a time of expectation. But if your space is full of clutter from past activities, you do not have the space to create, explore, and experience those new beginnings. Let’s talk about letting go of what you don’t need.  

Take an inventory on paper, on your smart phone, or just in your head. Which items do you no longer need? Look for items that, if you let go of them, you won’t miss. How much space could you create if you sold/donated/recycled those items?

And what would you do with that space? Breathe, and feel abundant and luxurious? Would you would invite friends over to enjoy the new space you have created?

You could get dressed more easily in the morning. Or maybe you’d have space to play board games with your kids. Maybe you wouldn’t do anything with the space but enjoy it.  

Imagine a whole new world without the clutter!

In my home, we’re letting go of many old books that the kids have outgrown. We’re keeping a few as mementos, but let me be clear: my husband and I are keeping them. We enjoyed reading them to our kids, and they hold those great memories.

Okay, I also have fantasies about reading them with grandkids someday, too! We will donate everything else to the library, or recycle it. Now my kids have space for new books and toys that they can enjoy.  

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