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“Nicole was pretty much the best thing that happened to me this year! I have a tiny tiny 1bd apartment and she really gave me the best options for how to make my place decluttered and have more storage space. My apartment feels much more open and I’m not embarrassed to bring people over anymore. This was like hiring a gym coach, but for organizing. So thank you so much for making my place feel much much better that’s actually useful and fit my needs. Thanks, Nicole!!” – Gabby

“Forget the emotional drain of continually wasting time trying to find things. Time is money!!  The cost of hiring Katherine and her crew is peanuts compared to the rewards of having a system to know where put and find everything.” – Larry

“Katherine is the answer to a disorganized person’s dream!  She and her team came in and organized my office, closet and garage. Wow! what a difference! The lack of clutter makes me want to work and makes me more efficient. I highly recommend Organize to Excel.” – George

“I learned things from Nicole Mahmood in a few minutes, that I hadn‘t  known over years of using AOL. She helped me create folders for categories of email, she taught me how to delete a series of emails without clicking on each and every one. She was kind and patient, with a sense of humor. I’d recommend her to anyone – she was really good and I thought the money I spent was really worth it.”– Debbie M (Home Advisor)

“Nicole and Katherine are truly professional organizers! Their methods are gentle and effective. I let go of at least 30% of my files while working with them, and then found myself letting go of more when I moved.  I now have more space around me to create a new future.  I cannot thank them enough!!”– Lorenda P (Yelp)

“I used Nicole for two days and the assistant for the first day. I agree with all the excellent reviews about Nicole as she is fantastic at doing and getting the job done.  Nicole is reliable, dependable and an absolute pleasure to be around.  I had a huge task at hand and she inspired me to work along side of her and together made great progress. I would highly recommend Nicole and this company as she gets the job done.” Andrea W (Yelp)

Lisa’s weekly Decluttering call provided me with the motivation, inspiration and knowledge I needed to get my life in order. She helps break otherwise overwhelming projects down into manageable segments that anyone can tackle. She does an amazing job offering and researching solutions for attendees. She also found homes for items that I wanted to donate after decluttering that helped the community.  Her meetings were definitely one of the few bright spots during the Pandemic because of her joy and passion. She quickly created a decluttering community out of a group of strangers.” Linda 

I can’t speak highly enough of what I’ve learned working with Lisa. She has great resources and has been willing to do additional research to help find answers to questions and problems. She also keeps an eye out for finding new homes for things that can help improve lives on both sides of the equation.Maggie

After years of staring at boxes and bags full of papers, files, photos and old letters, in addition to stacks of old magazines and bookcases stuffed with books I read long ago or never got to and probably won’t, I am finally on my way to going through them and letting go. I’m throwing away, giving away, recycling, and deciding what little I really need to keep. My home feels less frenzied and crowded and more calm and peaceful. I’m able to clean the corners and shelves that used to be unreachable. I can breathe. I now go into each room with a new eye toward what makes me smile and what needs to go. It’s a habit I have developed, and continue to develop, with the help of our weekly decluttering chats offered so kindly and I am so grateful.Mary Anne

“Lisa Tinker’s superpower is positive decluttering, with a sustainable approach. She generously shares her knowledge with warmth and wit that is uplifting, energizing and empowering. She encourages everyone to find their own way and gently guides through the emotional landmines we encounter around our stuff. Her positive energy is a gift that extends far beyond the organizing realm.Liz

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