When you’re looking at everything you own, packing can seem like a big task. I always recommend breaking up big jobs into smaller jobs to decrease stress and boost confidence, but I have some special tips to help you pack effectively for your move!

Pack to where you’re going

It can be tempting to box up each room in your current home as it is, but it’s likely your new home will have a different layout, with a different arrangement of rooms. Pack items together that will go in your new rooms, and it will be much easier to direct movers, and to unpack when you settle in.

Label, label, label!

I can’t stress enough the importance of labeling as you pack. Label each box by which room it should go in, and what it contains.

You don’t have to have an item-by-item list on each box—a category will do, like “kitchen: utensils,” “master bedroom: winter clothes,” or “playroom: toys.”

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find something in a pile of unmarked boxes, so save yourself the heartache and label, label, label!

Use specialized boxes

There are several different types of moving boxes, and they’ve been developed for a reason.

  • Wardrobe boxes are tall and include metal hanging bars so your clothes can stay on hangers.
  • Dish boxes have cell dividers to keep dishes separate, and foam pouches to prevent chips and cracks.
  • Bankers boxes have handles and lift-off lids, so they’re great for paperwork. Using the right type of box can save you time and prevent damaged items during your move.

Make sure you’re using the right size box too! If you’re packing up something heavy like books, don’t fill an oversized box. Heavy items should go in smaller boxes to prevent boxes from ripping open, and allow you to pick them up safely.

I hope these tips help you pack effectively for your move!