Life is too short to procrastinate! Use these tips to help get you out of a slump.

Know your why

Even the most basic task needs a reason behind it, or it’s unlikely to be accomplished. If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to take out the garbage, take a moment and think about reasons why the garbage needs to go out, like

  • It’s more hygienic to remove trash promptly
  • No trash means no trash-related odors
  • If you take it out routinely, the garbage won’t get all the way to the top of the bin and start overflowing, meaning it’s easier to take out in the first place.

Know how YOU are motivated

What keeps you motivated? The answer is different for everyone. Maybe you like checking something off a list. Maybe a gold star in your calendar makes chores fun! Talking about what you’re trying to accomplish with someone else can be great motivation, too.

Whatever motivates you, use it!

The bigger picture

It can be easy to procrastinate on a project when you’re deep in the weeds. It often helps to zoom out your focus and look at the bigger picture. Think about how accomplishing a small task helps you reach your overall goals. Even something as simple as envisioning cooking in a clean kitchen can help push you to get the dishes over and done with.

Break it down

Every project has tasks that are less inviting to accomplish, so knock them out of the way first! If you start with the hard stuff, the rest of the project is all downhill, and you’re much more likely to finish.

If a task seems too huge, break it down into smaller pieces that you feel you can accomplish. When I help someone organize their home, I start working with them on one small area first, instead of trying to organize the whole house at once. Smaller tasks are easier to accomplish, but the sense of accomplishment that comes with them is just as motivating! Break a job into pieces so you can celebrate success more often.

No excuses

Don’t give yourself any room for excuses! Including other people in your project is a great way to do that. Accountability partners help keep you on task. It’s easy to tell yourself, “I can do that later” when you’re the only person involved, but if someone is relying on you to finish part of a project, that external motivation can go a long way.

Talk to your friends, family, and coworkers about projects you’re involved in, especially ones you’re stuck on.

What motivates you? Tell me in the comments below—I always love new tips and tricks to increase productivity!

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