Your home is unique, and how you organize it depends on the kind of lifestyle you have or want to have. What’s your style?



Minimalists keep few possessions, leaving their space simple, free of distractions, and open to all sorts of possibilities.

A minimalist home is very easy to maintain because you have few items to organize. If having a clear space makes you happy, you may be a minimalist.


Cozy Porch

If you like feeling snug and safe, you enjoy a cozy lifestyle. You surround yourself with the things you love that bring you comfort.

Cozy homes have more items than minimalist homes, but each item is either necessary or special.


Radio Collection

Visual people who love seeing items displayed together are collectors. Collectors enjoy creating special spaces where they can see the things they love.

Whether you collect baseball cards, coffee mugs, or indoor plants, you take the time to curate your items and show them off.

Your style

Did you recognize yourself in one of those categories? Maybe you’re a mixture of two. You have the freedom to choose your lifestyle, and then it’s up to you to create a space that you love, and that works for you.      

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