Practical Tips for Holiday Organizing: Traditions

The holidays are a time for friends and family to get together and celebrate with annual traditions. How do you get the most out of your family traditions? I have a few tips here to help make holiday traditions more fun and more meaningful.

Family traditions are FUN

The more somber traditions we take part in this time of year are certainly important. But it’s also important to have some fun with your family!

You can make a paper pickle if you prefer!

Family traditions are a great way to enjoy the holidays and bring your family closer together, and they’re as unique as you are. Some families celebrate The Christmas Pickle, hiding a pickle-shaped ornament in the Christmas tree. The child who finds the Christmas Pickle first gets an extra present. Some families break the turkey’s wishbone after dinner for good luck. You can use traditions that already exist like these, or come up with your own.

Sometimes traditions evolve over time by themselves. Different families celebrating the same holiday will always do something a little different. If your family celebrates Hannukah, do you include gifts or not? Even the time you eat a holiday meal can be a tradition that develops over time.


Practical Tips for Holiday Organizing: Gifts

Giving gifts during the holidays is a wonderful way to express love to family and friends. But how do you make sure everyone gets what they want, without stressing at the last minute?

Write gift ideas down

Why try to keep a mental list of gift ideas when you can write them down? Save yourself the brainpower and jot presents down as you think of them throughout the year.

Keep the list in one place, and when it comes time to shop, you’ll know exactly what to get.

Check things off the list as you purchase them, so you don’t double-buy something because you forgot you got it months ago!


Practical Tips for Holiday Organizing: Plan, Plan, Plan!

The holidays can be a wonderful(ly stressful) time of year! There’s family to connect with, decorations to put up, and gifts to arrange. Holiday plans have so many moving parts–how are you supposed to keep track of everything? Plan, plan, plan!

Start early

No one enjoys panic-shopping the night before gift exchanges. Everything’s out of stock, you’re in a rush to find the perfect item, and holiday prices are hiked high. Or think back to a time when you and your family made last-minute holiday plans. Is your blood pressure going up? The solution is simple (if not always easy): start early.

If you want to see your family in December, look at tickets a few months beforehand. If it’s refundable, there’s no harm in grabbing that flight early. It’s a lot less expensive, too!

Keep an eye out year-round for gift ideas. Jot them down in a dedicated list, even if it’s June! You don’t need to go out and buy the gift right away, especially if you live in a smaller space that doesn’t have room to store presents for months. But it’s nice to have ideas down on paper, in an app, or in a spreadsheet, so when it comes time to shop, you know what to get. When you do shop, be sure to allow for shipping delays.


Managing Energy

We all have fluctuating levels of energy throughout the day. Maybe you’re more of a morning person, or maybe you’re more of a night owl. Armed with the proper information, you can maximize your most effective times to work, and rest when you need to. Read on to learn about managing energy.

What affects your energy?

Circadian rhythm: the natural process that regulates your sleep-wake cycle. It repeats every 24 hours in most animals, as well as plants, and even some fungi.  


Practical Tips to Organize Your Time : Priorities

Priorities Banner

Not Time, Priorities

What do I mean when I say “time management?” Time is impossible to manage! It just keeps on ticking no matter what we do. When I talk about organizing your time, I’m really talking about priorities. You can’t manage time, but you can certainly manage what you DO with your time.

YOU get to choose what you do each day (within reason), and that means you have some decisions to make! But what do you spend your time on?


Practical Ideas to Get Your Teen to Organize Their Stuff

When you think about organizing with teens, you may want to close the door and ignore everything. (Just kidding! But, really, give yourself a break.) But if you help them take ownership of their space by giving them storage options and create a compelling “why,” you’ll have a much easier time.

Create a compelling “why”

Remember being a kid? How annoying was it to have a chore mandated with no explanation? Instead of using “Because I said so,” work with your child to come up with a good reason (or reasons) why they should clean their room. Maybe they want to be able to find the Lego they want instead of hunting for it in a huge, messy pile. Maybe they want space in their room to swing a sword around, or to have a cozy reading nook.

Ask them! “What do you want to be able to do in your room that you can’t do when it’s messy?”

Getting their input and finding out their reason to organize will not only help motivate them to take responsibility for their space, but you might also learn about an interest you didn’t know they had!