Getting Settled: How to Unpack in Your New Home

Congratulations! You’ve decluttered, packed, and moved. Now it’s time to put everything in its place in your new home. Here are four things I keep in mind I unpack with someone. Unpacking will be a breeze if you…

Have a staging area for boxes to arrive

Set aside an area for boxes to go when you and your movers (if you have them) arrive at your new home. That way everything is in a central place, and can be divided up into the right room from one location.


Moving Day: Three Things to Keep in Mind

You’ve decluttered, you’ve packed, and now it’s moving day! Here are three things to keep in mind to make the day go smoothly.

1: Priorities

The top two things you want on the day of your move are: something to eat, and somewhere to sleep by the end of the day.

Something to eat: Make a food plan for the day of. Do you want to cook the first night in your new kitchen? Do you want to order pizza and relax at the end of the day? There’s no wrong answer, just make sure that you know what your plan is before the day comes, so you’re not scrambling to figure out what’s for dinner.

Somewhere to sleep: Plan in advance to get your bed set up and made by the end of the day. Moving is stressful, and a good night’s rest at the end of your move day is a great gift you can give yourself.


Pack it Up! How to Pack Effectively for Your Move

When you’re looking at everything you own, packing can seem like a big task. I always recommend breaking up big jobs into smaller jobs to decrease stress and boost confidence, but I have some special tips to help you pack effectively for your move!

Pack to where you’re going

It can be tempting to box up each room in your current home as it is, but it’s likely your new home will have a different layout, with a different arrangement of rooms. Pack items together that will go in your new rooms, and it will be much easier to direct movers, and to unpack when you settle in.


Plan It Out! General Tasks to Do Before You Move

Moving is one of the top five stressors in life, along with losing a loved one, divorce, major illness or injury, and job loss. If you’re facing a move, you may be feeling anxious or stressed—but there are many ways to take the edge off, so you can move more peacefully and productively!


How to Organize Your Fridge

Organize your fridge intro

Group like things together

If you keep all your dairy together, all your vegetables together, your condiments, bread, and so on, you’ll be able to see at a glance how much of what type of food you have. It’ll also be easier for everyone to put things back when each kind of food has a designated area, so you can organize your fridge as you go. Use drawers, shelves, and tubs to group like items together.