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The Dream

Imagine your desk and desktop with no distractions; the clarity of mind and focus available to do your best work. You can put your hands on any physical files or tools you need to work, and finding documents digitally is just as easy. With the right productivity tools in place, you and your staff can do the work that you are meant to do.

The Problem

Is your business bogged down with unmanageable paper flow, thousands of digital files and emails and a multitude of other little things that seem to take you and your staff’s time away from the heart of your business? Is time management just an unrealizable productivity dream? Do you want to take advantage of new technologies and productivity apps available, but don’t know where to start?

Many small businesses spend all their time fighting fires and losing time worrying about their business instead of being productive and accomplishing their business mission.

The Solution

Organize to Excel brings simplicity and functionality to your home organization. 

With years of experience working with people struggling with disorganization and a background in engineering, we bring tools to you that reduce paper and digital clutter, speed up document retrieval and let you claim back wasted time so you can spend it getting your work done efficiently. We have experience in law offices, architecture firms, consulting firms and more. We can work one-on-one with employees in-person, remotely, or a combination.

How We Helped Our Client

“Nicole from Organize to Excel had originally come out to our Santa Monica Studio in hopes to get our materials library sorted out. It was in REALLY bad shape. The project ended up dying because we acquired new space and moved out materials library to the new space. I called Nicole once we had moved in our new space and she came out within a couple days and started the job the following week. Nicole and her team did such an amazing job. They were so friendly, helpful and professional! I would love to be able to work with Nicole and this company again for any organizational projects. Thank you, OTE!”
Larissa C (Yelp)

Get Started Today

Give us call and let us help you take control of the clutter and learn how to stay organized. We will ask you a series of questions about the current state of your home, your specific goals, and your desired timeframe. We will then give you a guestimate based on our experience and talk about schedules and pricing.

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“Katherine is the answer to a disorganized person’s dream!  She and her team came in and organized my office, closet and garage.  Wow!  what a difference!  The lack of clutter makes me want to work and makes me more efficient.  I highly recommend Organize to Excel.” – George

“Forget the emotional drain of continually wasting time trying to find things. Time is money!!  The cost of hiring Katherine and her crew is peanuts compared to the rewards of having a system to know where put and find everything.” – Larry

“Nicole was pretty much the best thing that happened to me this year! I have a tiny tiny 1bd apartment and she really gave me the best options for how to make my place decluttered and have more storage space. My apartment feels much more open and I’m not embarrassed to bring people over anymore. This was like hiring a gym coach, but for organizing. So thank you so much for making my place feel much much better that’s actually useful and fit my needs. Thanks, Nicole!!” – Gabby

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