Which Kitchen Organization Products Should You Buy?

There are lots of kitchen organization products on the market, from pull-out cabinet drawers, to canisters, to shelving—but what should you buy? The answer depends on several factors.

Kitchen organization products

Don’t buy what you don’t need!

Before you buy something to help organize your kitchen, ask yourself these questions:


Organize Your Kitchen: I CARE

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be stressful! If you break the process into manageable pieces, you can start with confidence. When we organize a kitchen, we start with the acronym I CARE: Identify, Categorize, Assign Homes, Relationships, and Ease of Maintenance.


Second Chances: Renovate Your Wardrobe Instead of Buying New

Whether you’re on a limited budget, want to reduce landfill waste – or both – renovating your wardrobe instead of buying a new one is easier than you think. A good wardrobe is a must-have for many, and we tend to invest in new clothes without taking stock of what’s already hanging in our closets. You can resist the temptation by giving your wardrobe an economical but fun fashion facelift.

Transforming and tweaking your wardrobe instead of buying a new one saves money. Maybe you’re a single mom whose job requires a high-level wardrobe, or you’re young and just building up a solid income. Perhaps you’re interested in recycling and upcycling. We have some great advice and techniques to find both budget-easy and Earth-friendly ways to update your wardrobe.


What Are You Letting Go Of This Spring?

Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings. Trees have new growth, flowers blossom, and babies are born. It’s a time of year when everything feels invigorating, it’s a time of expectation. But if your space is full of clutter from past activities, you do not have the space to create, explore, and experience those new beginnings. Let’s talk about letting go of what you don’t need.  


Can’t Sell Your House? 6 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Guest blog by Julia Weaver – Redfin.com

In a perfect world, the home selling process would be straightforward and quick. You’d list your home for sale, schedule house tours, receive multiple offers, and sell your home fast and above list price. Unfortunately, selling your house isn’t always that simple and your home could end up sitting on the housing market longer than you anticipated.

As a seller, there are few things more frustrating than your home not selling and having no idea why. Let’s dive in and discuss six likely reasons your home isn’t selling, and address how to fix the problems.

Can't sell house - exterior home

1. Your home needs improvements

Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities, including keeping your home and property in good condition. Sure, you might vacuum, dust, and mop regularly – but in today’s market, that sometimes isn’t enough. You may need to put a little time and money into your home so you can receive more offers and sell your house quickly. Furthermore, if you’ve had buyers interested in your home, but maintenance problems are encountered during the home inspection, you could end up losing the sale.