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The problem

Your staff are struggling with their workload. You’re constantly overwhelmed by questions and making decisions. You don’t have time to train your staff effectively. The only speakers you’ve seen talking about time management put you to sleep. Task management seems so dull and boring to learn about. Other speakers have such complicated suggestions that nothing actually gets implemented.

The dream

Your staff are engaged and alert during the presentation. They learn effective lessons that they can apply right away. They apply the lessons right away and keep on applying them, leading to constant improvement of their performance. You breathe easily, and your business profits soar.

The solution

Katherine Macey engages audiences through audience participation and experiential learning. Designed for maximum learning, Katherine’s presentations bring effective techniques and tools into your workplace. She provides solutions that are focused on the people in your organization so your staff can do what they are meant to do, they save time and resources and your business can thrive.

Speaking engagements from 30 minutes to whole day trainings.

Topics include:

  • Stress management – Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Live a Healthier Life
  • Time management – Enjoy Life And Get Work Done
  • Task management – Your Brain is a Place for Thinking
  • Team management – Working as a Team, for the Team
  • Tech hacks – ask us!

From our clients

“Your presentation was great and I know that everyone in attendance gained a wealth of information to take back to their offices.” Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce

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