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The problem


You’re feeling overwhelmed. There’s so much to do and you don’t know where to start. You tell yourself, “If only I could get over this hurdle, things would be better.” But they never seem to get better. Life and work keeps throwing one more thing at you. You ask yourself if it will ever stop.

The dream

You dream of the day when you have everything under control. You know exactly what you are doing; you’re motivated to achieve your goals; you have time for yourself and your family and you feel ALIVE. Your work is much more fun and you get so much more done each day.

The solution

Organize to Excel brings together Organizer Coach training, NLP, and Cultivational Coaching to support you being the best you. We are experts at helping you develop new habits that support and serve you. We help you identify what your next steps to success are and support you to achieve those steps.

From our clients

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Katherine who seeks to utilize their time to its maximum efficiency and enjoyment, leaving plenty of room for both following your passion and goals while still having plenty of time with those who matter most to you. Working with Katherine has opened my eyes to my own abilities to lead others through my organization and systems, and I have never felt as capable and confident training others and leading a team as I do now. If you are thinking about how to create structure and more organization in your business or life so that your feel more focused, relaxed, and able to accomplish what you need to, then you must see Katherine! Thank you, Katherine!

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