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ID the scope of your organizing project

The first step to any project is clearly identifying the scope of the project. Specifying what your aims are as a closed project will help you to know when it is complete. However, you don’t need to drill down into the details as you’re outlining your project.    “Getting organized” is not specific enough. Equally, a list a mile long with specific instructions such as “Create 43 hanging folders, each labelled with 3.5 inch tabs with 20 point Arial font with the following labels… and filing all the loose paperwork into those folders, being sure to purge any utility...

How to start a project when it seems overwhelming

One of the biggest concerns people have when they start an organizing project is where to start. We call it the domino effect.     There are some clothes in the home office that need to go to the bedroom closet, but the closet is stuffed, so we’d need to make some space in there to put the clothes away. There’s some sporting equipment in the closet that really should go in the garage, but there’s no room in the garage unless we put the bulk supplies in the pantry. But the pantry had a few boxes of paperwork that...

How to make big goals happen

So you’ve got a big goal this year. Congratulations!   So, you’re in one of two places. You’re excited, you’ve already taken some action, things are rolling. You’re stopped. Suddenly you’re afraid of failing, overwhelmed, don’t know where to start. You’re about to decide that you didn’t really want that big goal anyway.   How do you go from being in category 2 into category 1?   People who achieve their goals are masters of breaking down a huge project into manageable steps, whether they do it consciously or not. If you’re in category 2, you need to do...

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