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The business of business: Know your Metrics

Last week when you set your goals, you made them measurable. (How else can you know if you’ve achieved them or not?) Most goals have several actions that will lead to the successful outcome. We could put it like this:   Action1 + Action2 + Action3 = Result   For instance, perhaps you have a goal for a certain amount of income per month. Let’s take a simple example; a coach wants to make $40,000 per month. In order to do that, let’s say they need 32 clients a month. Their client load has 20 ongoing clients per month, so...

Setting a household budget for the year

Okay, so you set some new goals last week. Can you do them? Are they realistic? An important question to think about is do you have enough time and money to do what you want to do?   Here are some guidelines that will help with financial budgeting: Live within your means. Save first, spend afterward. Invest wisely – know how your dollars are being put to work – they might as well be doing something good in the world. Know how much you spend on necessities vs. discretionary items.  Plan for everyday expenses and one-off expenses as well...

Your company has a vision, now what…

Once you have a vision for your company, giving you a long term view into the future, it’s time to set some goals, milestones and next action steps.   Let’s start by looking at how these all fit together. Think of your vision as the view of Earth from space. You see the whole thing, but without any details. Next, your goals, are like flying in a commercial airplane at 35,000 feet. You see the general lay of the land and still see the horizon, but still not many details. Your milestones are like flying in a two-seater plane...

Productivity Consulting and Organizing

We know you want your business and life to be productive. We know that the environment and sustainability are important to you. We know you want to simplify. We know you are committed to excellence.

But you feel like something is holding you back. You’re fighting too many fires. There is too much clutter or piles of things that need to get done. Things are out of hand and you know they could be easier. If you could only get your time management sorted out, life would be easier.

Get back on track. Take control of your business and life. Call Organize to Excel today at 310-806-2580 to get started.




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